An Example of WHY Character.

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Sometimes while we talk a lot about WHAT character is, we forget to talk about the reasons on WHY we should have it. Thanks to a wonderful conversation with my friend Captain Jay Hennessey: Commanding Officer of the U.S. Navy, we can be a step closer now. At the NSWC (Naval Special Warfare Center), Commander […]

Anyone Anywhere Anytime

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Sometimes people say that being nice is often easier said than done. The whole point of the BNICE Initiative is to make it as easily done, as easily said. It’s a personal commitment to be more morally aware. The BNICE Initiative is for all ages so it’s up to the individual to seize their opportunity […]

Add Some Music to the Mix

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I’ve been asked about incorporating music with character. While there are certain programs out there that do it, many schools may not consider music to be a high priority in the education of their kids, and understandably so. Schools are busy and it can be difficult to find the time to figure out some sort of […]