BNICE separates each presentation by K-3, 4-6, 7-8 and 9-12. Schoolwide keynotes are an option, but the program flourishes on multiple presentations with smaller groups. Typical groups consist of anywhere between 1 and 3 classes at a time. By no means is this the only style of presenting BNICE, but it’s certainly effective. Interaction is key. Noteworthy: Some schools have opted to send the P.E. classes to the gym or multi-purpose room for the program. That way, no extra programming is required on your part.
Each presentation lasts on average of a typical classroom period of about 45-90 minutes. The program duration is flexible to the individual schools needs.
Working with your schools individual needs and set up is paramount. Getting an approximate number of how many students in each age group (K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12) helps to plan an effective presentation. Usually, BNICE is a 2-day program in order to get through the multiple small groups. Grade specific keynotes are available as well.
This answer fully depends on the type of program we decide is best for your school. Probably not the drop down answer you were looking for (sorry), but you are encouraged to fill out the contact form or email Chris directly at
There is always a way to limit expenses. For starters, BNICE can present at another nearby school or district in your area that will help reduce travel expenses and program fees. Group discounts are definitely available. Double checking LCAP and/or PTA funds could help as well. Just let us know, we're easy to work with.
All travel expenses are built in to the fee in order to make the entire process easier for everyone. With an all-inclusive fee, you pay one flat rate and we take care of the rest.
BNICE will travel as far as there are kids who need the message of being nice. The program has been all across the United States. If there’s an elementary or middle school on the moon, we’ll go there. Hopefully, Antarctica will get some schools soon…we REALLY want to go there someday.
If you like, once we talk about what a program would look like at your school, I can easily provide you with the contact information of a school that had a similar program.
Easy…just email and you’ll get it answered.