Tailored Differently For Each Age Group

I had an instructional leadership meeting this afternoon and requested feedback. They all loved the energy, movement, positive messaging. I also shared with them that the messages were tailored differently for each age group, which they didn’t know and really appreciated. Looking forward to more visits!

  • Dr. Heather Cash - Principal - Madison Elementary School Redondo Beach

Supported PBIS Model

"Having Chris French present his BNICE program to my classes was very beneficial. I could hear the students reminding each other to BNICE to one another after he left. This program helped to support our school wide PBIS model and the classroom management strategies I used within my own classroom. After his visit my class embarked on a random acts of kindness challenge that each student worked on for 30 days to help continue the idea of being nice to those around you."

  • Karin Barone M.A. Ed; NBCT - La Veta Elementary

Building Positive Relationships

“Chris French is a knowledgeable and organized presenter who delivers a strong message about character . He is able to easily connect with students and provides rich and engaging activities to get students talking and thinking about the importance of “being nice”. Chris truly cares about students and supporting their efforts in building positive relationships.”

  • Renee Nollar, Vice Principle - Arroyo Vista School K-8

Opinions Matter

"I liked it when he had us do the opinions activity and we had to walk around the room, it was a super cool experience."

  • 4th Grade Student


He Understands How To Reach Kids

"We had the pleasure of hosting Chris French in Goshen County, Wyoming.  Chris was so awesome to work with!  He spent ½ day at each of our four elementary schools and customized his programs based on the age-level of the students and to the needs of each individual school.  He is super-responsive to e-mails and questions and, basically, a nice guy.  I watched three of his programs (all at one school) and it was fun to watch him shift from working with K-1 students to 2-3 students to 4-6 students.  The message of each program was essentially the same (BNICE) but he reached out to each level in a unique way that was appropriate for that age.  He understands how to reach kids, whether through music, games, or magic tricks."

  • Catherine Deahl, School Counselor - Goshen County, Wyoming


Your Students Will Enjoy Him As Much As Mine Did!

"Our school had the opportunity to work with Chris French in October 2016. From the moment I met Chris last spring, I recognized his professionalism and his passion for character education and children. Chris was great to collaborate with, his flexibility yielded two days of presentations and interactions with students and teachers that directly connected to our ongoing school-wide character education monthly themes. Chris’s presentations and activities with the students focused on inclusion vs exclusion and how we tend to judge others without getting to know them first. Underlying all his presentations, was the theme of empathy that was taught through kid-friendly relatable examples, magic, illusions and music. Chris is a great communicator, friendly, fun, and reliable—I know your students will enjoy him as much as mine did!"

  • Peg LaRose, Ed.D. Principal - Sycamore Ridge School

He Helped Start Our Kindness Club

"Chris French's BNICE program serves as a great reinforcement to children the importance of simply being kind to one another. Our school invited Chris to share his message and we have since started up a Kindness Club, where students can explore and practice different ways to just be nice. Spreading positivity is key!"

  • Terri McAndrew, Assistant Principle - LME, Riverside USD

His Program Is Adaptable And Fully Includes All Children

It was really nice to hear Chris’s “Frenchy” message at our PTA meeting. His presentation and hands on learning experience through fun activities helps children understand how very easy it is to simply BNICE to one another! His program is adaptable and fully includes all children! This was very important to me since one of my twins has Cerebral Palsy. Thank you so much for visiting our school! We will try hard to carry on and keep implementing your motto “treat everyone the way you would like to be treated!!”

  • Magda Nowakowski - PTA Holbrook, New York

He Was Great! He Had A Lot Of Energy

It sounds like it went great! My kids were just telling me about it 😉 I asked for feedback and they said ‘he was great’ ‘he had a lot of energy’

My son said he got up and did breakdancing and my daughters class was one Chris visited and she’s still trying to figure out the magic trick.

They also said they enjoyed the overall message to be kind;)

  • Jessica Wong - PTA President

All Of Our Students Enjoyed Frenchy

In September, Chris French “Frenchy” came to Nokomis. He taught our students about compassion and caring. He did this through different approaches depending on the grade levels. Frenchy had a great personality and was very down to Earth. He made his presentation relatable to all the students. Through having students act out events, he was able to demonstrate how we should put others feelings before our own. He also reiterated his cardinal rule of “treating others how you would like to be treated”. All of our students enjoyed Frenchy and his BNICE program.

  • Tara Erb, Third Grade - Nokomis Elementary School, New York

I Really Liked Frenchy's Humor

"I really liked Frenchy's humor, he made the whole class laugh while still staying on topic!"

  • 5th Grade Student


Can't Wait To Have The BNICE Assembly Again Next Year!

"Wow! What an enjoyable and impactful assembly.  The way that this assembly addressed empathy and inclusion, as opposed to exclusion, will continue to affect my mindset as well as our students.  This message came at the most perfect time for our school.  Since our assembly, we have seen a rise in acts of random kindness and a decrease in negative behavior. Can't wait to have the BNICE assembly again next year!"

  • Aaron Haley, Vice Principal - Kings River-Hardwick School


BNICE Is An Excellent Enhancement To Your Existing Curriculum

Chris French and his program BNICE is an excellent support for your school site’s effort towards positive climate, culture and PBIS.  The foundation of moral awareness and good character are presented in a way that students as young as 4 and old to 12 can understand and relate to in a meaningful way.  Chris teaches about what to do (kindness) rather than what not to do (bullying) which is in keeping with the methods of PBIS, Restorative Practices and a myriad of research on ethics in education.

BNICE is easily integrated into daily curriculum through the lesson plans, daily calendar messages and coaching student leadership groups (PAL).  He has presentations for parents that reinforce the message of kindness and moral awareness.  His BNU, BNICE University, has specific topics and activities that anyone can do anywhere and anytime.  Our students and families enjoyed his presentations for their music, humor and concrete examples of what good character is and how to be nice.  BNICE is an excellent enhancement to your existing curriculum and the best way to make character lessons entertaining, meaningful and impactful.

We noticed an immediate decrease in behavior referrals after his presentations and more importantly, a sustained decrease in referrals after adding BNICE activities to the daily routine.

  • Angela Terrones, Vice Principal - Olive Street School: Anaheim Elementary School District

I Feel Like A Better Person

"I feel like a better person. I am way more aware of my decisions now."

  • 5th Grade Student


Feeling The Inner Joy Through A Riveting Presentation

"Engaging music, interactive fun, riveting participation, and most importantly- students actually learning to BE NICE!  Chris French will not just tell your students to be nice, but they will sing about it, act it out and really feel the inner joy of this virtue.  He planned differentiated and motivational assemblies for all of our students, preschool through sixth grade."

  • John McCombs, Principal - Madison Elementary: Riverside USD


His Words Were Influencing Me

"Chris French was awesome! I liked that part where he told us that being nice to someone else might mean being nice to yourself, too! His words were influencing me to do so."

  • 7th Grade Student