Anyone Anywhere Anytime

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Sometimes people say that being nice is often easier said than done. The whole point of the BNICE Initiative is to make it as easily done, as easily said. It’s a personal commitment to be more morally aware. The BNICE Initiative is for all ages so it's up to the individual to seize their opportunity of character when it presents itself. It revolves around everyday acts of kindness that you can do with yourself or other people, Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime.

My tagline of the BNICE Initiative is Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime but it wasn't always so. It started out as Everyone, Everywhere, Everytime. That seemed like an unattainable goal. Being nice to everyone everywhere every single time? We're not perfect people at all. That's practically impossible. So the though was, "what if we changed EVERY to ANY?" Now we have something that's not only attainable, but totally doable. Pick an act of niceness and run with it. Look for an opportunity where you can go outside your comfort zone today. Let's shoot for ONE and see what happens.

Here's a quick breakdown of what Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime means. 

010ANYONE: Personal; acts and attitudes that have to do with you or how other people see you.

008 ANYWHERE: Location based; how you behave proportionate to your environment.

009ANYTIME: Situational; how you are in direct dealings with people and decisions.

For helpful hints and tasks on HOW you can BNICE today, download the "HOW TO BNICE GUIDE" here.